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CTCTM President's Message


Greetings, dear colleagues!

This year, I was given the privilege of being elected as the new president of the CTCTM. During my years of serving with the organization, I remained guided by my own personal objective for our group. My ultimate aspiration has always been to bring together as many Math educators from throughout the region, as possible.

We are truly in one of the most fascinating eras of Mathematics education. The undeniable role of technology applications, creative methods, and the instrumental role of mathematics processing skills have rendered us the golden opportunity to revisit the outlook on Mathematics education. Our present day students' inquisitive nature is calling for us to shape the minds of our future problem solvers. This opportunity justifies for unity among educators to bring forth ideas, dissect strategies and discuss best practices in the teaching and learning of Mathematics.

As a humble part of this association myself, I ask you to also consider joining CTCTM. As a member, you will not only be introduced to the networking circle of regional Math peers, and be open to several professional opportunities, but will also enjoy the benefits provided by CTCTM. Some of those benefits include the opportunity to participate in the Fall and Spring CTCTM Conferences, applying for scholarships and embarking on a journey of fulfilling our students' learning.

Arash Abnoussi
CTCTM President