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What is CTCTM?

The Central Texas Council of Teachers of Mathematics is a professional educators organization serving the central Texas area mathematics teachers and leaders. The purpose of CTCTM is to facilitate communication and networking among mathematics teachers across Texas to share ideas and experiences, enrich lessons, and incorporate best practices in teaching. CTCTM is also a venue for dissemination of information about reform in mathematics education.




Join us for the
2018 CTCTM Spring Conference

January 27, 2018 from
7:45 AM to 1:00 PM
University High School, Waco, Texas

Keynote Speaker
Cathy Seeley

Keynote Address
Untapped Potential:  Nurturing the Talents of Every Student and Helping Them All to Become Mathematical Thinkers

Why do some of our students never seem to meet the standards we set or reach their full potential? Let's think together about what it takes for every student to make sense of mathematics and learn what we want them to learn. We'll look at infusing our classrooms with sense-making opportunities and engaging every student in persevering through challenging problems to unlock their potential and reach new heights. 

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